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Equipment required

Diagnostic tool


IMPORTANT All operations on airbag and pretensioner systems must be carried out by qualified trained personnel.

The airbags have a pyrotechnic gas generator, with an ignition module and bag which must not be separated.

The pretensioners have a pyrotechnic gas generator and an igniter which must, under no circumstances, be separated.


IMPORTANT Never handle the pyrotechnic systems (pretensioners or airbags) near to a source of heat or naked flame - they may be triggered.


IMPORTANT To prevent the pyrotechnic components from being permanently deactivated or triggered (airbags or pretensioners), wait for at least 3 min after disconnecting the battery.

When an airbag or a pretensioner is triggered, the airbag computer is permanently locked and the " airbag fault " warning light on the instrument panel comes on.

The airbag computer must be replaced (certain components lose their nominal specifications after being subjected to the trigger energy)

IMPORTANT In order to prevent interference with the deployment of the airbags:
  • do not fit a cover to the front seats,
  • do not place objects in the area of deployment.


IMPORTANT To eliminate the risk of any accident, do not reuse pyrotechnic components.

It is essential to destroy pretensioners or airbags before scrapping a vehicle or a part only.


IMPORTANT In the event of a repair operation after an impact, the mounting bolts of the seat belts and seat belt buckles must always be replaced.

A visual inspection must be carried out on the pyrotechnic system mountings and the tightening torque must be checked.

The pyrotechnic systems (pretensioners and airbags) must be checked using the Diagnostic tool :

  • after an accident that did not trigger the systems,
  • after theft or attempted theft of the vehicle,
  • before selling a used vehicle.
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