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Your vehicle complies with criteria for recycling and recovering vehicles at the end of their service life, which will come into force in 2015.

Some of the parts on your vehicle have been designed to be recycled later.

These parts are easily removable in order to be collected and reprocessed in recycling networks.

Furthermore, by virtue of its design, moderate fuel consumption and initial settings, your vehicle also conforms to current anti-pollution regulations.

The manufacturer is actively striving to reduce pollutant exhaust gas emissions and to save energy. However, the fuel consumption of your vehicle and the level of pollutant exhaust gas emissions are also your responsibility.

Ensure that it is maintained and used correctly.


It is important to remember that failure to respect anti-pollution regulations could lead to legal action being taken against the vehicle owner.

In addition, replacing engine, fuel supply system and exhaust components with parts other than those originally recommended by the manufacturer may alter your vehicle so that it no longer complies with anti-pollution regulations.

Have your vehicle adjusted and checked by an authorised dealer, in accordance with the instructions given in your maintenance schedule: they will have all the equipment necessary for ensuring that your vehicle is maintained to its original standard.

Engine adjustments

  • Air filter, fuel filter: a choked element will reduce efficiency. It must be replaced.
  • Idle speed: no adjustment is needed.

Exhaust gas monitoring system

The exhaust gas monitoring system will detect any operating faults in the vehicle's antipollution system.

If this system malfunctions, toxic substances may be released into the atmosphere or damage may occur.

This warning light on the instrument panel will indicate if there are any faults in the system: This lights up when the ignition is switched on and goes out when the engine is started.

  • If it lights up continuously, consult an approved Dealer as soon as possible;
  • if it flashes, reduce the engine speed until the light stops flashing. Contact an authorised dealer as soon as possible.
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