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General information

This method provides information which will allow you to:

  • acquire good knowledge of the component on which you will be working,
  • benefit from the best repair conditions,
  • obtain optimum component operation and meet customer requirements,
  • optimise component repair time.

It is worth taking the time to read this method as you will gain time later on during the repairs.

a - General recommendations

Observe basic principles of vehicle repair.

The quality of repair depends first and foremost on the care exercised by the person in carrying it out.

Carry out the operation on the component on a clean working area.

To ensure good repair:

  • use the recommended consumables,
  • use the recommended tools,
  • observe the tightening torques,
  • observe the recommendations for parts that should always be replaced after removal, refitting or replacement operations,
  • clean and degrease the sections to be bonded, to ensure they bond correctly.
WARNING To ensure proper sealing, the gasket surfaces must be clean, dry and not greasy (avoid any finger marks).


WARNING Do not scrape the joint faces of the aluminium, any damage caused to the joint face will result in a risk of leaks.

Use professional products and apply them with care, for example do not apply too much sealing paste to the sealing surface to prevent damaging the component.

WARNING Applying excess sealant could cause it to be squeezed out when parts are tightened. A mixture of sealant and fluid may cause damage to some components.

Observe the chronological order of the steps:

  • remove the component,
  • clean the component before repairing,
  • remove the part(s) concerned,
  • check the part(s) removed,
  • replace faulty part(s) with new part(s),
  • perform the necessary adjustments and/or settings so that the component operates correctly,
  • observe the tightening torques.

Note: Ensure sure that the parts removed match up and ensure that they are refitted in the correct order.

b - Special tooling

Use suitable tools which are in good condition (use of " multi-purpose " tools, such as adjustable pliers, etc., should be avoided wherever possible).

For good quality repairs and for working in safe conditions, use only special tooling.

c - Safety

Equipment risks:

  • The "Note" heading used in the description of the method indicates that particular care should be taken for the operation described.
  • The "IMPORTANT" heading used in the description of the method indicates that there is a risk of damage to the component.

Working safely:

  • The "WARNING" heading used in the description of the method indicates that particular care should be taken for the operation described and that there is a human risk,
    • use supports and adopt a correct posture when performing heavy work or raising loads,
    • check that the working area is clean and tidy during the operation,
    • use personal protection (gloves, goggles, work shoes, masks, skin protection, etc.),
    • do not use harmful products in unventilated rooms,
    • do not ingest any chemicals (brake fluid, coolant, etc.).

Respecting the environment:

  • sort waste according to its particular qualities,
  • do not burn discarded products (tyres, etc.).

d - Conclusion

Respecting the recommended methods will guarantee the best performance and reliability of the component.

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