Renault Koleos Owners Manual: General information

General information

  1. Unlocking the doors and tailgate.
  2. Locking all doors and tailgate.
  3. Unlocking/locking the boot.
  4. Switching on the lighting remotely or remote engine start-up depending on the vehicle.

The RENAULT card is used for:

  • locking/unlocking the doors and boot
  • switching on the vehicle lighting remotely
  • starting the engine

Battery life

Make sure that the correct battery type is being used, and that the battery is in good condition and inserted correctly.

Its service life is approximately two years: replace it when the message "Keycard battery low" appears on the instrument panel.

RENAULT card operating range

This varies according to the surroundings.

It is important to make sure when handling the RENAULT card that you do not lock or unlock the doors by inadvertently pressing the buttons.

When the battery is flat, you can still lock/unlock and start your vehicle.

Please see the information on "Locking and unlocking the doors" and "Starting, stopping the engine" .

RENAULT card operating range

Distance lighting function

Depending on the vehicle, pressing button 4 switches on the dipped beam headlights and the interior lighting for approximately 20 seconds. This can be used, for example, to identify the vehicle from a distance when parked in a car park.

Note: Pressing button 4 again switches off the lighting.

Remote engine start-up

Refer to the information on the "Starting, stopping the engine: vehicle with RENAULT card".


Avoid leaving the card in hot, cold or humid areas.

Do not keep the RENAULT card in a place where it could be bent or damaged accidentally, such as in a back pocket of a garment.

Replacement: need for an additional RENAULT Card

If you lose your RENAULT card or require another, you can obtain one from an approved dealer.

If a RENAULT card is replaced, it will be necessary to take the vehicle and all of its RENAULT cards to an approved dealer to initialise the system.

You may use up to four RENAULT cards per vehicle.


Driver's responsibility when parking or stopping the vehicle

Never leave an animal, child or adult who is not self-sufficient alone on your vehicle, even for a short time.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as the electric windows or locking the doors.

Also, in hot and/or sunny weather, please remember that the temperature inside the passenger compartment increases very quickly.


    RENAULT card


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