Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual: Air conditioning: Check

Air conditioning

Note: For Renault maintenance, check the air conditioning system at the end of the vehicle maintenance program, to ensure that the engine is as cold as possible.


  • Check that the dual temperature sensor measuring device operates correctly (refer to the instruction manual for the device).
  • Adjust the unit of the value displayed in ºC.
  • Adjust the reading accuracy of the device to 0.1ºC.

Air conditioning

Adjust the reading mode to (ΔT) = (T1 - T2)

Air conditioning

  • Check the two sensors T1 and T2 in order to calculate the correction (Δ) to be applied to the measurement (ΔT) = (T1 - T2). the two sensors must indicate the same measurement under the same conditions.

    Check the sensors:

    • bring the two ends of the sensors together until they touch,
    • place them in the air flow of an air vent,
    • set the passenger compartment blower unit to maximum speed,
    • wait for the value to stabilise,
    • note the correction value (Δ).
Note: It is not necessary to start the vehicle. The device display is in mode (ΔT) = (T1 - T2).


WARNING Note the difference and sign as soon as the temperature becomes stable. Calculate the correction (Δ) = - (T1 - T2) to be applied to the measurement (ΔT).


  • If (T1 - T2) = -0.3ºC, correct the measurement (ΔT) by (Δ) +0.3ºC,
  • If (T1 - T2) = +0.3ºC, correct the measurement (ΔT) by (Δ) -0.3ºC.


  • Position the vehicle away from direct sunlight in an area with a stable ambient temperature greater than or equal to at least 15ºC.
  • Close the bonnet.
  • Open the front windows.
  • Run the engine at idle speed.
  • Set the heating and ventilation controls as follows:
    • recirculation mode in the external position,
    • air distribution in "face" mode,
    • temperature adjustment control in maximum cold position in the front (and the rear if equipped),
    • passenger compartment blower unit speed in maximum position (cut off the rear control if equipped),
    • front centre and side air vents open, with vanes set to neutral position,
    • the air conditioning system must be activated (indicator light on).
  • Wait 5 minutes with the engine idling before taking any measurements.


Air conditioning

  • Record the air temperature at the scuttle panel grille (T3).
  • Depending on the vehicle, open the bonnet to access the scuttle panel grille.
  • Place the sensor where air is drawn through the scuttle panel grille.
  • Wait for the value to stabilise.
  • Note the value of temperature (T3).
  • Close the bonnet if it was opened.

Air conditioning

  • Record the air temperature at the left-hand air vent (T1), and the air temperature at the right-hand air vent (T2).
    • Fit sensor T1 in the left-hand air vent.
    • Fit sensor T2 in the right-hand air vent.
  • Note the temperature differences, once the value (ΔT) has stabilised:
    • Between T3 and the higher of values T1 or T2, (T3 - highest value).
    • Note this temperature difference.
    • Between T1 and T2 (read the value (ΔT) in the reading display mode (T1 - T2)).
    • Note the temperature difference (ΔT) according to the correction (Δ) to be applied to the measurement.
  • If the measurement (ΔT) = (T1 - T2) is unstable, carry out the following procedure:
Note: Depending on the vehicle's air conditioning system programming, this check method may not be applicable because the engine cooling fan assembly has been activated. Its operation renders the (ΔΤ) value between T1 and T2 unstable.

To eliminate this, the fan assembly must be activated for the entire period over which temperature measurements T1 and T2 are recorded.

  • Force operation of the engine cooling fan by adjusting the engine speed.
    • Stabilise the engine speed at 2000 rpm while T1 and T2 temperature measurements are being recorded.
    • Check that the engine cooling fan assembly is operating.
    • Record the temperatures by following the instructions given in the MEASUREMENTS paragraph.


  • It is essential to observe the following two conditions:
    • The difference between T3 and the highest value of T1 or T2 should be greater than or equal to 5ºC,
    • The difference between T1 and T2 must be less than or equal to 2ºC.
Note: If one of these two conditions is not met, then the air conditioning system is not working properly. In this case, refer to the fault finding procedure for the air conditioning system of the vehicle concerned.
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