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IMPORTANT The following must be worn when handling refrigerant:
  • gloves,
  • protective goggles (with side shields if possible).

In the event of refrigerant fluid coming into contact with the eyes, rinse well with clean water continuously for 15 minutes. If possible, have an eye rinse unit available.

If refrigerant comes into contact with your eyes, consult a doctor immediately. Inform the doctor that the burns were caused by R134A refrigerant.

In the event of contact with other unprotected parts of the body (event though the safety advice has been observed), rinse well with clean water continuously for 15 minutes.


IMPORTANT Work requiring the use of refrigerant must be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

The refrigerant must not be stored in a shaft, a pit, a hermetically sealed room, etc.

Refrigerants are colourless and odourless fluids.

Refrigerant is heavier than air.

As a result, there is a danger of asphyxiation for those working close to the ground and less than 5 m away from the working area (pit, wells, air vent, etc.).

Switch on gas extraction systems.

At temperatures above 100ºC, the refrigerant will decompose and produce a highly irritant gas.

IMPORTANT It is forbidden to smoke close to an open refrigerant circuit.


It is possible to place components in the drying oven after painting or to carry out work near the system if the temperature does not exceed 80ºC.

IMPORTANT To prevent refrigerant from leaking, never repair a faulty air conditioning circuit component.

Replace all faulty components.

It is essential to follow the routing of the connecting pipes.

Ensure that the refrigerant connecting pipes are correctly fitted so that they will not come into contact with metal parts in the engine compartment.

WARNING In order to avoid any refrigerant leaks, do not damage (deform, twist, etc.) the pipe.


WARNING To prevent moisture from entering the system, place plugs on the cold loop components which are open to the air.


WARNING To avoid any leaks, check that the pipe surface is sound before positioning the new seal. The surface must be clean and scratch free.


WARNING Lubricants are not mutually compatible: always observe the type and quantity of oil recommended for each compressor even when topping up as this could damage the cold loop components.

Always close the oil cans again after use to keep moisture out and never use oil contained in a can that has been open for a long time (viscous appearance).

Air conditioning: Parts and consumables for the repair work

For the part numbers of the oils (see Vehicle: Parts and ingredients for the repairwork) (04B, Consumables - Products).

Table of vehicle refrigerant capacities according to their engines and various features.

Air conditioning

Table of quantities of oil to add when replacing components:

Air conditioning

    Air conditioning

    Air conditioning: List and location of components

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