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IMPORTANT Use a repair bench to ensure the positioning of the points and the geometry of the axle assemblies.


Note: The information contained in the following describes the general repair procedure for all vehicles having the same design for this part.

Before reading the following general information, make sure that there are no special notes associated with the vehicle. These special notes are specified if necessary in other parts of the sub-section dealing with the component.


Note: For a detailed description of a particular connection, see MR 400.


Front lower structure

The special feature of this type of part is that it combines the functions of front section and rear section of the front side member and that it is made of two different kinds of panels of different thicknesses assembled by laser butt welding.


Front lower structure

1 - Cut 1:

This line shows the centre of the area in which it is possible to carry out a partial replacement.

This operation allows you to access the inside of the hollow section of the structural element to straighten it.

Note: For the partial replacement of parts constituting a single structural component, it is essential to stagger the welds of each of the components.

In this case, the side member weld line must be staggered from that of its closure panel.

Front lower structure

2 - Cut 2:

The cut is made along the butt weld.

Front lower structure


Only the connections which are specific to the partial replacement by cutting are indicated.

WARNING If the mating faces of the parts to be welded are not accessible, make EGW plug welds to replace the original resistance welds (see MR 400).

If there are other issues regarding access to mating faces, the various replacement options are described in the basic instructions for structural bodywork repair (see MR 400).

Front lower structure

Lines (3) and (4) on the diagram show a butt weld by continuous EGW welding.

Weld (4) along the butt weld line.

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