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IMPORTANT To avoid all risk of damage to the systems, apply the safety and cleanliness instructions and operation recommendations before carrying out any repair.


IMPORTANT When working in the engine compartment, take care as the radiator fan(s) may start up unexpectedly (risk of being cut).

To avoid any risk of serious burns when the engine is hot:

  • do not open the expansion bottle cap,
  • do not drain the cooling system,
  • do not open the bleed screw(s).


WARNING Before the operation, protect the electrical accessories to prevent any risk of short circuiting and protect the belts to avoid damaging them.


  • Position the vehicle on a two-post lift.
WARNING The coolant helps to keep the engine running properly (heat exchange).

The system does not operate using pure water.


WARNING Drain with the engine warm.

Flush and refill with the engine cold or warm.

Never flush a hot engine (risk of major thermal shock).


WARNING When carrying out a repair that requires a complete change, it is essential to flush the circuit with clean water, blast compressed air through the circuit to drive out the water, fill and bleed the circuit and then measure the effective protection.

The criteria to be met are:

  • protection down to -25ºC +- 2 for cold and temperate countries,
  • protection down to -40ºC +- 2 for "extreme cold" countries.
  • Remove the engine undertray.
  • Position the coolant recovery tray under the vehicle.


  • Remove the drain plug (1) .


  • Remove the radiator cap (2) .
  • Use a compressed air nozzle to blow air into the circuit through the radiator opening to remove as much coolant as possible.



  • Remove the coolant drain plug (3) from the cylinder block and drain all of the engine coolant from the circuit.


  • Remove the expansion bottle.
  • Drain the expansion bottle.


  • Fill the cooling system with water through the radiator opening.
  • Let the water run until the water collected by the cooling radiator bottom hose runs clear.
  • Use a compressed air nozzle to blow air into the circuit through the radiator opening to remove as much coolant as possible.



Note: Carefully clean the drain plug and refit a new O-ring.
  • Refit the expansion bottle.


  • Refit the coolant drain plug (3) on the cylinder block.


  • Refit the drain plug (1) .
  • Remove the air filter unit.


  • Remove:
    • the clip (4) ,
    • the heater hose (5) .
  • Lift the heater hose (5) as high as possible.
Note: Capacity of the engine coolant:
  • 2TR - BVV (CVT): 7.2 l,
  • M9R - BVM: 8.0 l,
  • M9R - BVA: 8.5 l.
  • Pour the coolant slowly, at less than 2 l/min, so that the air escapes from the cooling system.
  • When the coolant starts to go out of the heater matrix, connect the heater hose to the heater matrix and continue to pour coolant until the radiator is full.



  • Fill with coolant up to the " MAX " mark on the expansion bottle.



Note: The coolant level rises approximately 15 mm when the engine stops.
  • Fill with coolant up to 15 mm below the " MAX " mark on the expansion bottle.


  • Refit the radiator cap.
  • Refit the air filter unit .
  • Clean any surfaces soiled by the coolant.


  • Start the engine.
  • Maintain the engine speed at 3000 rpm, until the engine cooling fan assembly is triggered a third time (time required for automatic degassing).
  • Check that the heating is operating correctly.
  • Allow the engine to cool until the engine coolant temperature is less than 50ºC.


  • Remove the radiator cap.
  • Top up the coolant level (6) .
  • Refit the radiator cap.


  • Remove the coolant recovery tray.
  • Refit the engine undertray.
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