Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual: Fuel flow: Check


Fuel supply

IMPORTANT During this operation, be sure to:
  • refrain from smoking or bringing red hot objects close to the working area,
  • be careful of fuel splashes when disconnecting the union.


IMPORTANT Wear goggles with side protectors for this operation.


IMPORTANT Wear leaktight gloves (Nitrile type) for this operation.


Note: This procedure must be carried out with the ignition off.


  • Ensure you have a checking tool (Mot. 1311-01) and a " T " union for the tool (Mot. 1863).
  • Disconnect the quick-release union of the supply pipe of the injector rail.
  • Put the " T " union between the fuel supply union and the injector rail.
  • Take a pipe which is long enough to drain the pump into a container and fit it to the " T " outlet union.


  • Insert the pipe into a graduated measuring cylinder (2000 ml).
  • Remove the Protection and Switching Unit cover.

Fuel supply

  • Disconnect the white 16-track connector (1) .

Fuel supply

  • Connect the terminal (2) of the white connector to the (+) battery supply to operate the fuel pump.
Note: The flow reading should be between 80 and 120 l/h.
  • Disconnect the (+) battery supply from the terminal (2) of the white connector.


  • Connect thewhite (1) 16-track connector.
  • Refit the Protection and Switching Unit cover.
  • Disconnect:
    • the union of the fuel supply pipe from the " T " union,
    • the " T " union from the injector rail,
    • the discharge pipe,
  • Connect the quick-release union of the fuel supply pipe to the injector rail .
    Fuel pressure: Check

    Diesel injection

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