Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Tools


The presence of the tools depends on the vehicle.

The tools are located in a tray under the trunk carpet.

Lift the trunk carpet and remove it.


Wheelbrace 1

Locks or unlocks the wheel bolts and tow eye 4.

Jack 2

Fold it correctly before refitting it in its housing.

Jack handle 3

This tightens or releases the tow eye 4

Tow eye 4

Please see "Towing: breakdown recovery".

Do not leave the tools unsecured inside the vehicle as they may come loose under braking. After use, check that all the tools are correctly clipped into the tool kit, then position it correctly in its housing: there is a risk of injury.

If wheel bolts are supplied in the tool kit, only use these bolts for the emergency spare wheel: refer to the label affixed to the emergency spare wheel.

The jack is designed for wheel changing purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be used for carrying out repairs underneath the vehicle or to gain access to the underside of the vehicle.

    Tyre pressure kit

    Changing a wheel

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