Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Interior trim maintenance

Renault Koleos Owners Manual / Maintenance / Interior trim maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle will last longer. It is therefore recommended to maintain the interior of the vehicle regularly.

A stain should always be dealt with swiftly.

Whatever type of stain is on the trim, use cold (or warm) soapy water with natural soap.

Detergents (washing-up liquid, powdered products, alcohol-based products) should not be used.

Use a soft cloth.

Rinse and soak up the excess.

Glass instrument panel

(e.g.: instrument panel, clock, exterior temperature display, radio display, multimedia or multifunction display etc.) Use a soft cloth (or cotton wool).

If this does not clean them properly, use a soft cloth (or cotton wool) slightly moistened with soapy water and then wipe clean with another soft damp cloth or cotton wool.

Finally, carefully dry off with a soft dry cloth.

Do not use products containing alcohol and/or spray fluids on the area.

Seat belts

These must be kept clean.

Use products selected by our Technical Department (Approved outlets) or warm, soapy water and a sponge and wipe with a dry cloth.

Detergents or dyes must not be used under any circumstances.

Textiles (seats, door trim, etc)

Vacuum-clean the textiles regularly.

Liquid stain Use soapy water.

Dab lightly (never rub) with a soft cloth, rinse and remove the excess.

Solid or pasty stain Carefully remove the excess solid or pasty material immediately with a spatula (working from the edges to the centre to avoid spreading the stain).

Clean as for a liquid stain.

Special instructions for sweets or chewing gum Put an ice cube on the stain to solidify it, then proceed as for a solid stain.

For further recommendations for maintaining the interior, and/or for any unsatisfactory results, please see an authorised dealer.

Removal/replacing removable equipment originally fitted in the vehicle

If you need to remove equipment in order to clean the passenger compartment (for example, mats), always ensure that they are correctly refitted and are the right way around (the driver's mat should be fitted on the driver's side, etc.) and fit them with the components supplied with the equipment (for example, the driver mat should always be fixed using the pre-fitted mounting components).

With the vehicle stationary, always ensure that nothing will impede driving (anything obstructing the pedals, heel wedged by the mat etc.).

You should not: Position objects such as deodorants, scents etc. near air vents as this could damage your dashboard trim.

  Use high-pressure cleaning equipment or sprays inside the passenger compartment: without careful use, this equipment could impair the correct functioning of the electrical or electronic components in the vehicle, or have other detrimental effects.

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