Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Roof bars, spoiler

Roof bars, spoiler

Accessing the mounting points

Vehicles fitted with longitudinal roof bars The attachment inserts 2 are located on the longitudinal roof bars 1.

If original roof bars, approved by our Technical Department, are supplied with screws, only use these screws for attaching the roof bars to the vehicle.

Precautions during use

Handling the tailgate Before handling the tailgate, check the objects and/or accessories (bike rack, roof box, etc.) fitted to the roof bars: these must be correctly positioned and secured, so as not to hinder the operation of the tailgate.

For information on the range of equipment adapted to your vehicle, we advise you to consult an approved Dealer.

Refer to the fitting instructions for information on how to fit roof bars and conditions of use.

Please keep these instructions with the rest of the vehicle documentation.

Maximum permissible load on roof rack: refer to the information on "Weights" in Section 6.

Roof bars, spoiler

Spoiler A

It is forbidden to fix objects and/or accessories (bike racks, etc.) to the spoiler.
    Transporting objects towbar

    Multimedia equipment

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