Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Vehicle with key

Vehicle with key

Starting the engine

Petrol versions

  • Activate the starter without accelerating;
  • release the key as soon as the engine starts.
Never start your vehicle while freewheeling on a gradient. Risk of non-activation of power-assisted steering.

There is a risk of accidents.

Diesel versions

  • Turn the ignition key to the "Ignition on" position 2, and hold this position until the engine preheating light goes off;

  • turn the key to starter position 3 without depressing the accelerator pedal;

  • release the key as soon as the engine starts.

Special note: if starting the engine when the outdoor temperature is very low (below -10ºC): hold down the clutch pedal until the engine starts.

Never switch off the ignition before the vehicle has stopped completely. Once the engine has stopped, the brake servo, power-assisted steering, etc. and the passive safety devices such as air bags and pretensioners will no longer operate.

Stopping the engine

With the engine idling, turn the key to the "Stop" position 0.

Driver's responsibility when parking or stopping the vehicle

Never leave an animal, child or adult who is not self-sufficient alone in your vehicle, even for a short time.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as the electric windows or locking the doors, for example.

Also, in hot and/or sunny weather, please remember that the temperature inside the passenger compartment increases very quickly.


    Starting, stopping the engine

    Vehicle with RENAULT card

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