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Tyre pressure monitor

The system is made up of:

  • four pressure sensors built into the valves (one per wheel); they transmit a radio frequency signal,
  • four tyre pressure monitor receivers, for the purpose of receiving and decoding the sensor signals and transmitting them to the UCH,
  • a computer that receives, decodes and processes information from the receivers, and then determines which message to display,
  • a display integrated into the instrument panel.
Note: The position of the sensor on each wheel is automatically identified by the UCH computer.

Tyre pressure monitor

Composition of the pressure sensor:

  • a conventional valve,
  • a pressure sensor,
  • a specific radio frequency transmitter,
  • a non-removable battery.

Tyre pressure monitor: Precautions for the repair


Clean the bearing faces on the tyre pressure monitor valve.


Do not swap the wheels if they have been removed.

WARNING Hold the sensor in position on the wheel to prevent it from turning during tightening.


WARNING To avoid any damage to the sensor, make sure the tyre bead never presses on the sensor.
    Tyre pressure monitor

    Tyre pressure monitor computer: Removal - Refitting

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