Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Right-hand drive

Right-hand drive

The equipment fitted, described below, DEPENDS ON THE VERSION AND COUNTRY.

  1. Air vent.
  2. Demister outlet.
  3. Passenger Airbag location.
  4. Controls for:
    • heated front seats,
    • ventilated front seats,
    • activation/deactivation of ECO mode,
    • activation/deactivation of assisted parking,
    • activation/deactivation of the Stop and Start function.
  5. Heating or air conditioning controls.
  6. Multifunction screen.
  7. Hazard warning light switch, central door locking warning light.
  8. Multifunction screen controls for:
    • power on/off,
    • volume,
    • home menu,
    • driving aids menu,
    • display settings.
  9. Stalk for:
    • direction indicator lights;
    • exterior lights;
    • fog lights.
  10. Cruise control/speed limiter controls.
  11. Instrument panel.
  12. Driver Airbag and horn location.
  13. Controls for on-board computer information read-out and vehicle settings customisation menu.
  14. Steering column stalk for windscreen and rear screen wash/ wiper.
  15. Controls for:
    • Electric headlight beam adjustment,
    • Instrument panel lighting dimmer,
    • Tailgate opening or Lane departure warning on/off (depeding on the vehicle),
    • Heated steering wheel on/off,
    • ESC and Traction Control system,
    • Two and four-wheel drive mode selector.
  16. Unlocking controls:
    • bonnet,
    • fuel filler flap.
  17. Ignition switch (vehicles with key).
  18. Control for remote radio and navigation system.
  19. Control for adjusting steering wheel height and reach.
  20. Engine start/stop button (vehicle with RENAULT card).
  21. Accessories socket or cigarette lighter.
  22. Cup holder
  23. Controls for:
    • Cruise control/speed limiter main control,
    • Assisted parking.
  24. Gear lever.
  25. Glovebox.
    Left-hand drive

    Warning lights

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