Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Choosing a child seat mounting

There are two ways of attaching child seats: via the seat belt or using the ISOFIX system.

Attachment via the seat belt The seat belt must be adjusted to ensure that it is effective in the event of harsh braking or an impact.

Ensure that the strap paths indicated by the child seat manufacturer are respected.

Always check that the seat belt is correctly fastened by pulling it up, then pulling it out fully whilst pressing on the child seat.

Check that the seat is correctly held by moving it from side to side and back to front: the seat should remain firmly fixed.

Check that the child seat has not been installed at an angle and that it is not resting against a window.

Do not use the child seat if it may unfasten the seat belt restraining it: the base of the seat must not rest on the buckle and/or catch of the seat belt.


Before using an ISOFIX child seat that you purchased for another vehicle, check that its installation is authorised. Consult the list of vehicles which can be fitted with the seat from the equipment manufacturer.


The seat belt must never be twisted or the tension relieved. Never pass the shoulder strap under the arm or behind the back.

Check that the seat belt has not been damaged by sharp edges.

If the seat belt does not operate normally, it will not protect the child.

Consult an approved dealer. Do not use this seat until the seat belt has been repaired.

Attachment using the ISOFIX system

Authorised child seats ISOFIX are standardised in accordance with current regulations. If any of the five cases below applies:

  • ISOFIX universal 3-point forwardfacing seat;
  • ISOFIX semi-universal 2-point seat;
  • Specific;

i-Size which has:

  • either a belt which attaches to the third ring of the sear concerned;
  • or a support leg that rests on the vehicle floor, compatible with the approved seat i-Size, the role of which is to prevent the child seat from moving in the event of a collision.

In the latter three cases check that your child seat can be installed by consulting the list of compatible vehicles.

Attach the child seat with the ISOFIX locks, if these are provided. The ISOFIX system allows quick, easy, safe fitting.

The ISOFIX system consists of 2 rings and, in some cases, a third ring.

No modifications may be made to the component parts of the restraint system (ISOFIX seat belts, seats and their mountings) originally fitted.

Choosing a child seat mounting

Attachment using the ISOFIX system (continued) The two rings 1 are located between the seatback and the seat base of the seat and are identified by a marking.

To ensure your child seat can be easily fitted and locked on the rings 1, use access guides 2 on the child seat.

To access the rings, insert your finger in the cover and pull.

Depending on the vehicle, you can find the rings 1 when its cover is opened.

Note: Keep the covers you have removed in a storage compartment so as not to lose or damage them.

Choosing a child seat mounting

The third ring 3 or 4 is used to attach the upper strap on some seats ISOFIX.

The child seat strap must be attached to the corresponding ring.

Do not use any other mounting point.

The rings are located on the rear seatbacks and indicated by the symbol .

In all cases, attach the strap hook to the corresponding ring 3 and 4 and place the seat in the desired position.

Pull the belt so that the back of the child seat comes into contact with the back of the vehicle seat.

The ISOFIX anchorage points have been exclusively designed for child seats with the ISOFIX system. Never fit a different type of child seat, seat belt or other objects to these anchorage points. Check that nothing is obstructing the anchorage points.

If your vehicle has been involved in a road accident, have the ISOFIX anchorage points checked and replace your child seat.

    Choosing a child seat

    Fitting a child seat, general information

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