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Before towing, put the gearbox in neutral, unlock the steering column and release the parking brake.

For vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox, if it is not possible to put the gear lever into position N, please consult an authorised dealer.

Steering column unlocking Insert the key into the ignition or, depending on the vehicle, having the RENAULT card on you, press the engine start button for approximately 2 seconds.

Reposition the lever to neutral (position N for vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox).

The steering column unlocks, the accessory functions are powered: you can use the vehicle's lights (direction indicators, brake lights, etc.). At night the vehicle must have its lights on.

Depending on the vehicle, once you have finished towing, press the engine start button twice (risk of running down the battery).

The speed specified by current legislation for towing must always be observed.

If your vehicle is the towing vehicle, do not exceed the maximum towing weight for your vehicle.

Towing a vehicle with an automatic gearbox

Transport the vehicle on a trailer or tow it with the front wheels off the ground.

In exceptional circumstances, you may tow it with all four wheels on the ground, only in a forward gear, with the gear in neutral position N over a maximum distance of 50 miles (80 km) and not exceeding a speed of 15 mph (25 km/h).

Do not remove the key from the ignition when the vehicle is being towed.

Towing: breakdown recovery

2WD vehicles

Vehicles fitted with an automatic transmission or continuously variable transmission.

With the ignition off, the gearbox is no longer lubricated. If it is not, the vehicle must be transported on a trailer or be towed with the front wheels off the ground.

Towing: breakdown recovery

Towing: breakdown recovery

When setting off, if the lever is locked in position P even though you are pressing the brake pedal, the lever can be released manually. To do this, unclip the flap 1, then insert a tool (with a hard rod to it) into the hole and press the button 2 at the same time in order to unlock the lever.

Contact an authorised dealer as soon as possible.

Towing: breakdown recovery

4WD vehicles

Whichever type of gearbox is fitted, a 4WD vehicle must never be towed if any of its 4 wheels are touching the ground.

Towing: breakdown recovery

A 4WD vehicle must never be towed if one of its 4 wheels is touching the ground.

Towing: breakdown recovery

Only use the front towing point A and the rear towing point 5 (never use the driveshafts).

These towing points may only be used for towing: never use them for lifting the vehicle directly or indirectly.

When the engine is stopped, steering and braking assistance are not operational.

Towing: breakdown recovery

Access to towing points

Unclip cover A by inserting a flatblade screwdriver or similar under the cover.

Tighten the tow eye 3 fully: as much as possible by hand at first, then finish tightening it using the wheelbrace or, depending on the vehicle, the lever.

Only use the towing eye 3 and the wheelbrace 4 included in the tool kit.

Do not leave the tools unsecured inside the vehicle as they may come loose under braking.


  • Use a rigid towing bar.

    If a rope or cable is used (where the law allows this), the vehicle being towed must be able to brake.

  • A vehicle must not be towed if it is not fit to be driven.
  • Avoid accelerating or braking suddenly when towing, as this may result in damage being caused to the vehicle.
  • When towing a vehicle, it is advisable not to exceed 30 mph (50 km/h).
  • Do not push the vehicle if the steering column is locked.
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