Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Fuses


If any electrical component does not work, check the condition of the fuses.

Fuses in passenger compartment A on the left-hand side of the vehicle Unclip the cover A using a screwdriver or similar.


Fuses in passenger compartment B on the vehicle with stop and start function Unclip the cover B using a screwdriver or similar.

Fuses in passenger compartment A on the right-hand side of the vehicle Glove box needs to be disassembled to access the fuses. Please consult an authorised dealer.

In accordance with local legislation or as a precautionary measure: obtain an emergency kit containing a set of spare bulbs and fuses from an approved Dealer.

Use the fuse allocation label in the storage compartment A or B to identify the fuses.

Certain fuses should only be replaced by a qualified professional. These fuses are not listed on the label.

Only change the fuses represented on the label.

Check the fuse in question and replace it, if necessary, by a fuse of the same rating. If a fuse is fitted where the rating is too high, it may cause the electrical circuit to overheat (risk of fire) in the event of an item of equipment using an excessive amount of current.


Clip 1 Remove the fuse using tweezers 1, located on the fuse plate.

To remove the fuse from the tweezers, slide the fuse to the side.

It is not advisable to use the free fuse locations.

Do not touch the wiring harnesses or the connectors.

Allocation of fuses (the presence of certain fuses depends on the vehicle equipment level)

Symbol Allocation
BLOWER Ventilation
TURN HAZARD Hazard lamp
2ND POWER SOCKET 2nd power socket
REAR WIPER Rear wiper
POWER DR LOCK Power door lock
ELEC B, B2 Electrical equipment
IMOB Immobilizer
ABS/EPS Anti lock brake system
MEDIA Multimedia equipment
VDC Vehicle dynamic control
STOP LAMP Stop lamp
POWER DR LOCK2 Power door lock
CIGAR LIGHTER Cigar lighter
HEAT STEER WHEEL Heat steering wheel
RR DEF Electrically defrosted rear window
BOSE Bose amp
ACC RADIO Accessory socket, radio
JUNCTION MODULE Junction module
AIR CON Air condition control unit
H/MIRR Heated door mirrors
HEATER SEAT Heater seat
EC AUTO ACC Air conditioner control unit
REAR VIEW Rear view mirror
WASH MTR Washer motor
GEAR BOX OIL PUMP Gear box oil pump
BCM Body control module
POWER WINDOW Power window
SEAT BELT WARNING Seat belt warning module
STRG WHEEL ANGLE Steering wheel angle sensor
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