Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Opening and closing the doors

Opening and closing the doors

Opening the doors from the outside

With the doors unlocked, pull handle 1.

Special feature on vehicles equipped with a RENAULT card With the doors locked, press button 2 on handle 1 of one of the two front doors and pull towards you.

As a safety precaution, the doors should only be opened or closed when the vehicle is stationary.

Opening and closing the doors

Opening from the inside

If the vehicle is equipped with the knob 3, pull the handle 4 with the door unlocked.

If the vehicle is not equipped with the knob 3, pull the handle 4.

Lights-on reminder buzzer

If you have switched off the ignition and left the lights switched on, a reminder buzzer will sound when a door is opened and if the light stalk is not in position AUTO.

Opening and closing the doors

Door/tailgate open buzzer

At a standstill, the warning light 5 lights up on the instrument panel alongside the warning light 6 indicating the opening elements (door, boot) are open or incorrectly closed.

Once the vehicle reaches a speed of approximately 12 mph (20 km/h), a warning light indicates the opening elemet(s) (door, boot) open of improperly closed, alongside the message "Boot open" or "Door open" and a beep will sound for around 40 seconds or until the opening element is closed.

Opening and closing the doors

Vehicle with manual door locking To make it impossible for the rear doors to be opened from the inside, move lever 7 on each door and check from the inside that the doors are securely locked.

Driver's responsibility when parking or stopping the vehicle

Never leave an animal, child or adult who is not self-sufficient alone on your vehicle, even for a short time.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as the electric windows or locking the doors.

Also, in hot and/or sunny weather, please remember that the temperature inside the passenger compartment increases very quickly.


    Locking, unlocking the doors

    Automatic locking when driving

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