Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual: Rear wing light: Removal - Refitting

Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual / Electrical equipment / Rear lighting / Rear wing light: Removal - Refitting



Electrical equipment

  • Remove the blanking cover (1) .

Electrical equipment

  • Remove the rear light bolt (2) .
  • Unclip the retaining clip (3) .

Electrical equipment

Note: Protect the bodywork varnish using a cloth if using a flat-blade screwdriver.
  • Remove:
    • the rear light using a flat-blade screwdriver,
    • the bulb and bulb mounting assembly (4) of the rear light housing by rotating it anti-clockwise.
Note: After removing the rear light, check that the grommets (9) are correctly fitted on the body (it is possible for water to flow through the grommet).

Electrical equipment

  • Remove:
    • the side light bulb (5) ,
    • the direction indicator bulb (6) ,
    • the brake light bulb (7) .



  • When replacing the bulb, use an approved bulb:
    • W5W for the side light,
    • KHA 12V 21W for the direction indicator,
    • P21W for the brake light.
  • Refit:
    • the bulbs on the mountings,
    • the bulb and mounting assembly on the rear light housing by rotating it clockwise.

Electrical equipment

  • Refit the rear light on the wing using the centring devices (9) .
  • Clip on the retaining clip.
  • Refit:
    • the rear light bolt,
    • the blanking cover.
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