Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Side protection devices

Side Airbags

An airbag can be fitted to each front seat, which are deployed on the side of the seat (door side) to protect the occupants in the case of a severe side impact.

Curtain Airbags

These are airbag fitted along the sides of the vehicle in the ceiling which trigger along the front and rear door side windows to protect the passengers in case of a severe side impact.

Depending on the vehicle, a marking on the windscreen informs you of the presence of additional means of restraint (air bags, pretensioners, etc.) in the passenger compartment.


Warning relating to the side airbag
  • Fitting seat covers: seats equipped with an airbag require covers specifically designed for your vehicle. Contact an approved Dealer to find out if these covers are available. The use of any covers other than those designed for your vehicle (and including those designed for another vehicle) may affect the operation of the airbags and reduce your protection.
  • Do not place any accessories, objects or even pets between the seatback, the door and the internal fittings. Do not cover the seatback with any items such as clothes or accessories. This may prevent the air bag from operating correctly or cause injury when the airbag is deployed.
  • No work or modification whatsoever may be carried out on the seat or internal fittings, except by qualified personnel from an approved Dealer.
    Methods of restraint in addition to the front seat belts

    Additional methods of restraint

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