Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual: Sill panel reinforcement: Description

Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual / Panelwork / Side lower structure / Sill panel reinforcement: Description

The options for replacing this part are as follows:

  • partial replacement of the front section,
  • partial replacement of the rear section,
  • complete replacement.


Side lower structure


1 - Partial replacement of the front section

Side lower structure

WARNING To preserve the mechanical specifications when partially replacing parts with a single structural component, alter the weld lines for each of these components.

2 - Partial replacement of the rear section

Side lower structure

WARNING If the mating faces of the parts to be welded are not accessible, make EGW plug welds to replace the original resistance welds (see MR 400).
    Sill panel reinforcement: General description

    Rear lower structure

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