Renault Koleos Owners Manual: Clock and exterior temperature

Clock and exterior temperature

Display 1

Vehicles fitted with a touchscreen multimedia screen, navigation aid systems, etc.

The time and exterior temperature are displayed on the multifunction screen 1.

Refer to the handbook for the equipment.

External temperature indicator

Special note: When the exterior temperature is - 3 ºC to + 3 ºC, the ºC characters flash (signalling a risk of ice on the road).

External temperature indicator

As ice formation is related to climatic exposure, local air humidity and temperature, the external temperature alone is not sufficient to detect ice.


If the electrical supply is cut (battery disconnected, broken supply wire, etc.), the clock will automatically go back to the right time after a few minutes once the system is capable of receiving information GPS.
    Steering wheel, power-assisted steering

    Rear view mirrors

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