Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual: Rear final drive: Precautions for the repair

Renault Koleos Service Repair Manual / Transmission / Rear axle / Rear final drive: Precautions for the repair


Check the condition of the installation before removal or dismantling. If position marks are required, check that they do not interfere with the operation of the parts where they are applied.

Check the appearance of the components removed, looking for any deformation and unusual wear. Replace the components as required.

The static seals, sealing rings and "O" rings must be replaced every time the unit is disassembled.

As a rule, tighten the bolts or the nuts gradually several times, working in a diagonal pattern from the inside outwards.

Do not damage the sliding faces or the mating faces.

During assembly, observe the recommended tightening torque and apply oil for new gears or universal grease in accordance with the recommendations for the vehicle being reassembled, as required.

Rear final drive: Specifications


Rear axle

    Rear axle

    Rear final drive: Removal - Refitting

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